Mom's Favorite Recipes
We may live without friends; we may live without books
But civilized men cannot live without cooks.
- - - Owen Meredith

Napoleon I
Emperor of the French
1769 - 1821

Brought his cook Dunand with him to the battle at Marengo, Italy on June 14, 1800.  He never dined before battle but afterwards enjoyed Chicken Marengo (chicken cut into pieces, browned in oil, and then cooked slowly with peeled tomatoes, crushed garlic, parsley, white wine and cognac, seasoned with crushed pepper and served with fried eggs on the side.
Recipes from the kitchen of Lois M. (Hurme) Magill
Recipes like families evolve over time and come full circle.  Each generation makes their own mark in the gathering place of the home - the kitchen and breaking bread together.  May our family continue to have not only the old traditions brought forward but embrace the new one's that the younger generations are bringing to the table. 
For my mother and to my we always be blessed with good times and good eats!